AUSTIN, Texas -- The Austin Transportation Department has been notified about a possible illegal parking boot scam occurring in East Austin.

Authorities said a vehicle parked on a public street was illegally booted by an unknown individual or entity. The warning posted on the vehicle directs the vehicle owner to pay a fee by calling a private phone number.

The ATD Parking Enforcement team works with the Austin Municipal Court to boot vehicles with unpaid parking citations. Along with the boot, a notice is posted informing the vehicle owner that they were immobilized for unpaid parking citations and lists a City of Austin phone number for them to contact the courts.

Above is an example of a legitimate City warning notice for a vehicle that has been immobilized with a booting device.

If a car parked on a public street is booted and the warning does not direct the vehicle owner to contact the court, the notice is likely illegitimate. The Austin Transportation Department is working alongside the Austin Police Department, which has opened an investigation into the issue.

Anyone that he or she is a victim of a booting scam is asked to immediately call 311. 

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