AUSTIN, Texas -- The Towery family believes a couple that paints together, stays together. 

"It’s just awesome to be in a household with somebody who understands that creative process," Juanita Towery said. "A lot of people don't understand that."

Juanita and her husband Glenn have been happily married for 17 years. Both artists, Juanita began painting at an early age while Glenn pursued a career in filmmaking. It was Juanita's bout with breast cancer that inspired Glenn to pick up the paint brush. 

"He said 'Babe, why don’t you paint that clock?' And I said 'Why don’t you paint it?' And he did," Juanita said. 

Since then, both artists have done their part in covering their house with art of their own. Juanita, the jack of all trades, dabbles in all forms of art from mixed media projects to acryllic painting. Glenn is the King of the Clocks.

"I haven’t counted all of them but I probably have like 100 clocks now," he said.

The faces of his clocks depict history's greatest heroes. Leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X all have a place in his catalogue of work. Both he and Juanita hope their upcoming art exhibits are able to capture the true meaning of Black History Month.

"Black history is a proud history," Glenn said. "It’s a history of overcoming and it’s people standing upon the accomplishments of each other that has pushed us to the point that we are now. "

Those accomplishments paved the way for folks like the Towery's to be able to follow their dreams. Glenn and Juanita have each other to push those dreams even further. 

"We’re each others biggest fans and biggest critics, and it’s awesome being married to another creative person," Juanita said.

Juanita will feature her art at the Black History Month Artist Celebration at the Herman Scheiffer House starting Feb. 15. Glenn's work will be featured at A Celebration of Black History at the Balcones Country Club Feb. 16.