AUSTIN, Texas - It started as a grassroots effort to send Harlem children to see Marvel’s upcoming superhero film, “Black Panther.” Now it has made its way to Austin.

New York resident Frederick Joseph raised $40,000 on GoFundMe to send those kids to the movie, and following that success he called on others to start GoFundMe accounts in their neighborhoods to do the same.

It only took a few days for #BlackPantherChallenge to catch on, and it has received support from celebrities including Jemele Hill, Snoop Dogg, Chelsea Clinton and J.J. Abrams.

In response to the effort, GoFundMe created a centralized location where anyone can start a campaign or donate to help more kids see the film in a theater.

Now, the Capital City Black Film Festival has accepted the challenge to send 200 students of color to a free screening. Each child will receive a snack pack as well. The Capital City Black Film Festival supports the Austin-based nonprofit Black Film Collective.

To participate in the challenge, click here