TEXAS - Going to the gym, eating better, kicking the cigarette habit - there are thousands of New Year's resolutions that can help you live better in 2018.

But when was the last time you put your financial health in check?

Financial experts say 2018 is the time to figure out exactly what's most important to you and your money.

"Where are you spending your money, what can you do without," said Mary Ellen Archer with Jefferson Bank about questions that most of us don't ask ourselves frequently enough.  

According to research, only one in four Americans plan on making a financial resolution for this next year.

Archer said cutting out little things like a fancy cup of coffee can go a long way.

"Probably the big ticket item for most people would be going out to eat," she said.

Archer said it's important to think about your immediate needs as well as your future needs.

Credit card debt hit a record high in 2017 with more than $1 trillion owed, and student loan debt jumped 150 percent over the past decade.

"Do you have a child going to college? Do you have retirement coming? Look at your 401K. Are you maxing out what you can put into that?" asked Archer.

She also said it may be a good time to invest in your home.

"Interest rates are likely to be going up. The Fed says they're going to increase it a few times next year. Get in on a home improvement loan before rates go up," she said.

Finally, Archer said the funds you want to keep an eye on are those for worst case scenarios. Research suggests about 1 in 4 Americans don't have a single dollar for emergencies.

"Review wills. Make sure you have medical directives set up. Make sure your insurance is appropriate. Look at your whole picture. Take a moment and take that time to assess and commit to act," Archer said.