AUSTIN, Texas - Cpl. Alan Babin was shot in the line of duty while helping another wounded soldier. Seventy-five surgeries later, he is still recovering.

Oh, this is so cool," said Babin, while touring his new home.

It's a smart house rigged to function at the tap of a finger will make his life a bit easier.  The house, donated by the Gary Sinise Foundation, was built specifically to meet Babin's needs.

"If I can draw a little attention to them, shine a little spot light on them and help them through some difficult times then that's a good feeling to be able to do that,” said Gary Sinise.

Babin is an Army veteran who enlisted after 9/11. While deployed overseas, his division was attacked. Instead of hiding, Babin ran into the line of fire to help a wounded soldier and was shot.

"Alan is a war hero, but he became my hero for the battle he fought in his hospital bed day after day after day," said Rosie Babin, Alan’s mother.

He suffered a stroke, meningitis and had to relearn basic body functions, like breathing and eating. Now he's thankful to be able to do the simple things like turning off the lights and closing the blinds.

"I never got to do that before. It's just so cool,” Babin said while closing the blinds.

Alan will still need a caregiver, but his new home gives him pride in doing things himself.

"Maybe now my parents can get a break and that is everything,” Babin added.

Babin says his favorite place is the porch that has a TV and a view.

Alan’s parents won’t have to lift him anymore because his bedroom features a lift that travels to the bathroom for more privacy.

"This is not a short race. It's a marathon and so anything and everything that we can do to protect our bodies, helps us assist Alan longer,” said his mother.