NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas - As Landy Breeden's arm is prepped, he says he's thinking about those still fighting for their lives after the shooting in Southerland Springs.

"It was horrific. It was just that of shock, you know, thinking how could somebody do something like that?" said Breeden.  

Roger Ruiz, spokesperson with the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center, says their stock needs replenishing.

"The South Texas Blood and Tissue Center sent over 200 units to help with the wounded. That includes all the three hospitals that were in service that fall in our area," said Ruiz. 

He says now is the time to donate.  

"Especially with tragedies. I came in here and donated when Harvey hit Houston, and with Southerland Springs - there's always a need. And with the blood type that I have, O negative, it's a universal donor, which means anyone can receive my blood," said Breeden.  

Ruiz says just one unit of blood can help to save three lives.

Even the blood donated in New Braunfels will go to help shooting victims - or to make sure there's a supply ready and waiting if tragedy is to strike again.

"I'm always feeling like there's something I can do to help, and this is my way to help," said Breeden

Want to donate?