AUSTIN, Texas - Texas Dreamers are demanding a replacement for DACA. Protestors joined a nationwide rally Thursday to call on Congress to pass a clean Dream Act.

It comes just over two months after President Donald Trump canceled the program that protects undocumented youth from deportation.

Students and young protestors walked out of school to protest outside of Republican Senator John Cornyn's office in Austin.

"We want a Dream Act, Dream Act," chanted the crowd.

“Just because something doesn't affect me personally and I can't necessarily relate it to myself, that it doesn't exist for other human beings and they live in a state of fear," said UT student and protestor Jessica Meza.

"I was once an undocumented immigrant and I know the fear that we go through that our parents are going to be taken away, that I would be taken away," said Mayra Ibarra.

"Each one of you standing here is making history," yelled a protest organizer.

The crowd was full of young faces, some DACA recipients and others who just wanted to show support.

"I oppose anything that is going to send out young people, especially those who through no fault of their own came here. They've been here. They are American," said Sylvia Holmes.

Since the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals was rescinded, some 800,000 Dreamers are unsure of what their future will hold for them or their families.

"We want a Dream Act to be passed without compromise for more militarization across the border or more raids across Austin and across the country,” said Daniel Ramirez, a protest organizer.

Ramirez works with United We Dream, the organization that spearheaded the protests across the country. The international youth organization is also corresponding with local lawmakers to push for a resolution before it's too late.

"We have to prove ourselves in ways that other kids don't and we have and will continue to do so," shouted Ramirez

They're urging lawmakers to pass a "clean" Dream Act before the end of the year, which includes a path to citizenship and permanent protection.