BASTROP, Texas — For nearly 20 years, a death row inmate has maintained his innocence relating to a 1996 murder.

Right now, Rodney Reed is appearing before a Bastrop District Court with an opportunity to prove it.

Reed's attorney's say that they have new evidence to prove the guilt of another suspect in this case.

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They believe Jimmy Fennell, the fiance of the victim, Stacey Stites, lied about where he was the night of the murder.

That's what we're expecting to hear argued in court over these next few days — All possible because earlier this summer, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals granted Reed a new hearing.

Reed says that he and Stites were having an affair. He also says she feared how her fiance would react if he found out saying in a jailhouse interview in March of 2015, "She told me that if Jimmy found out, that he'd kill her. I figured that was just like a figure of speech, like when you're kids and you come home late and your mom, my mom would kill me, or something like that. I figured it was just a figure of speech, and then she's dead."

Court documents show Reed's lawyer saw a CNN interview from last spring with one of Fennell's closest friends who remembered a conversation he had with Fennell the day Stites' body was found where Fennell told him that he had been drinking with other police officers the night before and didn't come home until 11 the next morning.

That differs from the testimony he gave he said he had been home with Stites the night before she disappeared.

Reed's attorneys are expected to argue that the is "damning evidence of guilt."

Meanwhile, Fennell is serving a 10-year sentence for raping a woman who was in his custody.

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