SAN MARCOS, Texas -- It's the end of an era for San Marcos music lovers.

Superfly's Lonestar Music Emporium is set to close its doors for good.

"Daniel Romano, Canadian Kid, good guy. Vandeliers from I think Fort Worth, kind of really good country-punk type stuff," said music lover Chisum Burnett as he browsed the collection.

That's what Burnett is listening to these days, but he still remembers walking into this record store nearly ten years ago.

"I got a copy of Explosions in the Sky, The Earth is Not a Cold, Dead Place," said Burnett.  

It was called Sundance back then. Over the course of 35 years this store has had several owners and name-changes. It's hosted artists from all over the country as they've traveled through Texas on their way to their next gig.

“Cody Canada and the Departed were, I think our first "in-store" in this location," said store manager Richard Skanse.

Up until last year, Superfly's Lonestar Music Emporium stayed busy.

"Vinyl's been kind of a come-back thing for the last ten years or so. And I don't know if it's just plateaued," said Skanse.  

But Richard Skanse said profits within the last year have been half what they were five years ago.

"Maybe it's a sign of the times, type thing," said Burnett.  

In the age of music streaming, some wonder if there is room for a record store in the market.

"Hoping for a miracle, that'd be great. Because I think this town needs a record store. I think any college town should have a record store," said Skanse.  

Skanse said the shop may still have a chance, in another location. Until then, Superfly's will have to face the music, and say goodbye.

Superfly’s Lonestar Music Emporium will officially close its doors in this location on Halloween.