Harold Cook is a political analyst, governmental relations and messaging specialist, and public relations strategist. He has long been active in strategic communications, media operations, public policy formation and strategy, and he has more than 25 years of experience in elections and politics.

He is sought out as a public speaker, both for serious political commentary and analysis, and for his humorous and biting political satire. 

Cook is a Democrat who even Republicans call “well-respected.” He has extensive legislative and governmental experience, having served two Texas Secretaries of State under Governor Ann Richards, and worked at the Texas General Land Office as team leader of web marketing and public relations. He’s worked in the Texas House of Representatives, and as a close advisor to the Democrats in the Texas Senate. 

His political commentary and analysis has been featured on MSNBC, CNN, Time Magazine , the New York Times , Rolling Stone Magazine, and other national and international publications, and he’s a regular contributor to Spectrum News’ Capital Tonight show, a leading nightly statewide political and public affairs television show in Texas. 

Much of his professional history was spent in the electoral arena, where he has worked with campaigns including President Bill Clinton in Texas, Texas Governor Ann Richards, and scores of other political efforts, from United States Senator to state district judges, as well as state-wide Democratic coordinated campaign efforts in two states. 

The most recent time a Democrat in Texas won statewide was under Cook’s leadership of Democratic coordinated efforts in 1994. He was named one of the top ten Democratic consultants in Texas in the Power Rankings list of Capitol Inside , a respected online political news and information site. 

Both serious political analysis, and absurd political satire and parody can be found on Cook’s popular website,  LettersFromTexas.com

Cook currently divides his time between living in Austin and in the Big Bend region of Texas.