HENRIETTA, N.Y. -- Members of congress showed their support for "Start Up Day Across America" by promoting growing businesses within their districts.

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter (D-25) toured the lab at SiMPore Incorporated to highlight its recent federal funding award.

The Henrietta based nano-technology company designs and produces membranes and research in biomedicines.

Since starting up in 2007, Sim-Pore has worked toward creating small-scale dyalisis systems and even developing filter-based systems designed to help maintain red blood cells.

The $975,000 in federal funding will go toward nanotechonolgy research. 

"It's difficult to achieve what they’re doing here and it takes on just like there were beautifully trained and who were avid they're so interesting what they are doing," Slaughter said. "I'd be surprised if they take time to sleep, but what they're doing is going to make such a change in this country. Just imagine it. If you were a dialysis patient, instead of going and going to be strapped to a chair for four or five hours three times a week, you just have this thing on your arm. It can work contentiously for you, that's magnificent."

"Many large companies would find the same development, investment opportunity too risky. So the federal funds are critical for filling this gap," said Jaimie Roussie, SiMPore. 

The company says it's working on technology that could supplement sources of red blood cells in large quantities.