AUSTIN - Travis County Judge Orlinda Naranjo of the 419th District Court delayed issuing a ruling on the Jones custody case until May 30.

  • The custody case involves the divorced couple's three children, ages 9, 12 and 14. 

In late April, a Travis County jury ruled in favor of joint custody for Kelly Jones and her ex-husband, "Infowars" host, Alex Jones.

“We’re very much looking forward to getting the children out of this environment, getting them the help that they need and then finally to give these children two parents, both parents, who they’re entitled to,” says attorney Robert Hoffman who represents Kelly Jones.  

The jury's ruling was a sigh of relief for Jones, who says the work to repair relationships with her three children must begin soon.

“My children who adored me who I was with all of the time, who held my hand at swim meets and told me I love you all the time all of a sudden started telling me they hated me,” she said.

Jones says she has had limited interaction with her children, a sign of what she says is parental alienation.

“The children are removed so much from the parent that whatever they’re being told or programmed to believe about the other parent sort of becomes their reality,” she said.

It’s a reality that Jones said has taken a toll, both financially and mentally.

“They would come and say 'daddy said you did this' or relay just disturbing information to me that they were hearing,” she said.

The issue of parental alienation, she said, is equivalent to child abuse. Still, she's optimistic of rebuilding the connection with the kids.

“What’s really important that’s really helped me through this is knowing that I had a really strong early childhood bond with my children,” she said.

More importantly, she said, is building a future that includes both parents.

“They love their daddy, and Alex has a lot of great qualities. Unfortunately those have not really come out in this process but if we could just give the kids a break I think that we can join together and love for them and just move into the next chapter of this.”


Kelly Jones statement after Judge Naranjo delayed her ruling:

I learned after today's press conference that my Ex-husband will file a Motion to Set Aside the Jury Verdict with Judge Naranjo.  This filing of my ex-husband's is a further illustration of his ongoing hostility and that his news conference was fake news.  He is upset about losing the Jury trial, and rather than do what is best for the children and facilitate a quick solution for them, he is fighting to keep me and the children in ongoing litigation and to undo in it's entirety the jury verdict he acted as if was not significantly against him. Clearly his strong effort to delay Judge Naranjo's implementation of the jury verdict and to set it aside makes clear it was a very major jury decision against him and in the favor of our children living with me primarily. 

Sadly, due to the alleged schedule of Alex's attorneys a hearing on the implementation of the jury verdict including possession and access won't occur until until May 30, 2017.  

I'm concerned that the children will not have the swift resolution this kind of serious alienation situation, a situation of abuse, calls for.

I believe  that when Judge Naranjo rules, she will do so acknowledging the Jury's mandate and according to the Texas Family Code and the best interests of my children including appropriate treatment for alienated children.


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