AUSTIN, Texas — Lawmakers, prosecutors and child advocacy groups gathered in support of a bill meant to crack down on sexual exploitation, a crime that they say disproportionately affects children.

Cedar Park Rep. Tony Dale, R-Dist. 136, led the discussion Monday on the House Bill which would make it a felony to threaten or coerce someone into providing "intimate visual material.”

It's a crime that often happens online and often targets children.

"My office receives reports daily from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children about our children being bombarded by child sexual predators, bombarding them with requests and threats and coercing our children to create nude images of themselves," said Captain Jerry Meadors with the Texas Attorney General's Office.

"Often times the victims are extorted to provide such material and then they may be further blackmailed to provide sex or money,” said Dale.

The bill is now before the house Criminal Jurisprudence Committee.

Follow HB 2974's progress here.