PALMDALE, Calif. - On stage, they were JamStain band mates, but outside of the venue, they were much more. They were brothers. 31-year-old Aidan and 27-year-old Ainsley Hubbard shared a love of music from a young age. Aidan played the bass and Ainsley on the drums.

“They would play like any gig. If there was a gig, they’d cancel any little event with buddies or something. They’d go play they gig. They just loved performing. That’s what they wanted to do. That’s what they were doing the night that they had that accident,” said father, Kent Hubbard.

The Palmdale brothers, the youngest of four children, were on their way home from a show in Los Angeles early Saturday morning when a wrong way driver hit their Dodge Caravan, fatally injuring Aidan and Ainsley.

The Hubbard brothers played shows all across the country, including at Bravery, and they were planning on many more until that fatal crash involving a suspected drunk driver. It was an accident their family believes should have never happened.

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“You know you see all those about drunk driving and you don’t think about it, or you don’t think that will happen to you. One decision not only ruins your life, but it ruins so many people’s lives,” said Ainsley’s girlfriend, Maggie San Filippo.

That crash putting their dreams to an end.

“Me and Ainsley specifically had plans. We were literally just the next day about to confirm a house in Los Angeles,” said San Filippo.

“Aidan’s primary interest was basically playing music as often as he could,” said Hubbard.

Their loved ones are now honoring the memories of the men known as brothers, sons, friends,and artists.

“Honestly everything reminds me of him. Especially just good design and furniture and music and drums,” said San Filippo.

The family set up a GoFundMe to help with the cost of their services and hospital bills. The funeral is scheduled for Saturday.