AUSTIN, Texas -- Austin rolled out the red carpet for a lot of home-grown talent Tuesday night.

The Austin Film Festival hosted the hometown premiere of “The Golden Rut.”

It's the debut feature film from the Holden brothers.

Siblings Nick and Josh Holden have been making short films for years.

Their comedy about struggling actors hits close to home for the filmmakers and much of the cast.

"I think what our film talks about a little bit is maybe it's difficult to be a full time actor here, but as a filmmaker there's so much support and opportunity," said Nick Holden. "And we find humor in it but we like to find humor in everything - we find humor in the situations of living in Austin.

The Holdens wrote, directed and co-star star in the film, which they say is based on a lot real life experiences they've had working in Austin and Los Angeles over the year.