AUSIN, Texas - Faith leaders across Austin held a special forum this weekend for City Council candidates.

The event was hosted by Interfaith Austin, a non-partisan coalition seeking to solve local issues.

Candidates in Districts 2, 4, 6, 7 and 10 were invited to attend the forum, which covered a variety of topics including race relations, community policing, affordable housing and fair wages.

Organizers say forums like this don't favor certain candidates but rather highlight issues facing communities.

"We don't endorse candidates.  We feel like the voters, our members, our leaders will know how to vote once they hear how the candidates did on our issues.  And these are issues that were developed,” said Edie Clark of Austin Interfaith. “It's a very grassroots process.  We've had a lot of small group discussions."

Austin Interfaith is a part of the Industrial Areas Foundation network, which encompasses dozens of other organizations across Texas and other states.