AUSTIN, Texas -- A body found in Lake Travis Tuesday could be the swimmer who has been missing since Friday.

Austin-Travis County EMS said the body is of a man in his 20s, and was recovered near Emerald Point where the swimmer was last seen.

Kristen Dark, with Travis County, said the body was found by the family of the missing man near South Shore Marina.

The family had rented a pontoon boat and was doing searches along the shore.

Authorities searched in deep water on Monday using DPS sonar.

They were to begin shallow water searches near the shore on Tuesday, and were waiting for a cadaver dog to arrive when the body was found.

Authorities said a group of friends were on a boat Friday night when one of them went swimming and disappeared.

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Crews searched that night with no luck.

Travis County officials have not confirmed if the body found is that of the missing swimmer.

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