Austin police are investigating the death of a 14-year-old suspected burglar. Police believe his accomplice -- another teen -- is responsible for his death. Our Stef Manisero breaks down the details.

AUSTIN, Texas -- On Monday night, Candelario Viera came home to find his neighborhood a crime scene.

"It scares me because, you know, I'll do anything to protect my family," said Viera. "It was a nice neighborhood, now there's break-ins and now this -- half a block away from the house."

A few houses down, 14-year-old Axel Kenneth Loera was found with a gunshot wound when police responded to a reported burglary.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

"It is a tragedy, there will be those that cast stones upon the young man's conduct possibly, however, it's still a child that died, any time a child dies it's a sad day," said Lt. Justin Newsom with the Austin Police Department.

Investigators said they believe Loera and a 16-year-old acquaintance broke into the home through a window.

The other teen is the only suspect in the shooting.

"Whether or not it's accidental or not, we don't know at this time. Even if it is, recklessly discharging a firearm and causing a death of another person is still manslaughter," said Newsom.

The homeowner told Time Warner Cable News that he had four guns in his house.

He's not sure whether it was one of his guns that were involved in the shooting, but he did say police took one as evidence.

Meanwhile, multiple neighbors say crime has increased in the area lately.

There's some people selling drugs around here, and they need to get rid of them people from here," said Viera.

Viera wants the neighborhood to band together.

"[See] strange people that you don't know? Report it!" said Viera.

The suspect surrendered at the Gardner Betts Juvenile Center late Monday night.

The homeowner had four security cameras at his house.

APD has the footage and is using it as part of their investigation.

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Detectives are asking anyone with any information regarding the shooting to call the Homicide Tip Line or Crime Stoppers at 512-974-5017.


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