AUSTIN, Texas - It comes from a tap and it's served at a bar, but it isn't beer.  It's called kava, it's a drink made from a plant native to the South Pacific islands.

People in South Austin can once again get a taste of the South Pacific drink thanks to a new kava bar.

The SquareRut location on Barton Springs Road is just the second kava bar in Texas.

SquareRut has actually been in Austin since 2011.

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Their first kava bar on South Congress closed because the rent got too high.

The company also has a location on North Lamar.

Master Herbalist Jeffrey Blair explained that the main ingredient in kava is called kavalactone, which is a chemical structure found in kava that works on the central nervous system as a suppressant and natural relaxant.

"One of the uses for kava in some of these islands is dispute resolution. If two people aren't getting along or have a business dispute they don't go to court and fight it out. They sit down and drink kava," said Mark Blumenthal, founder of the American Botanical Council.

Locals say the drink lives up to the hype, even if the taste is initially a bit startling.

"I felt almost immediate relief from anxiety. It's somewhat of an acquired taste but I acquired it pretty quickly," said resident Fletcher Mattox.

Keep in mind, Web MD says the FDA has not reviewed Kava for safety or effectiveness.

People should consult your doctor or pharmacist for more information before trying the drink.


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