In two months, the Travis County GOP's new chairman will take his seat. After Robert Morrow's election, there was initial push back from within the Republican Party. But now, it appears things have settled down. Our Stef Manisero shows us where matters stand.

AUSTIN, Texas -- It's said that you should dress for the job you want, not the one you already have.

"Some folks want me to run for president," said Robert Morrow. "People on Twitter."

Back in March, Morrow was elected chairman of the Travis County Republican Party.

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"My focus as the chair of the Travis County Republican Party is really more so political truth telling than merely electing Republicans," Morrow said.

Since then, the party has pushed back -- worried he's not in it for the right reasons.

"He has some things he's very interested in and wants to promote, and it doesn't include the day-to-day operations of the party," said James Dickey, the Travis County GOP's current chairman.

Morrow will be the first to admit it, saying his plan is to use the position as a platform to share his opinions.

"That Lyndon Johnson murdered John F. Kennedy, and Lyndon Johnson was a serial murderer and a mass murderer, and that George Herbert Walker Bush murdered Barry Seal in 1986, and that Hillary Clinton murdered everybody in Waco in 1993," explained Morrow.  

But now, with his time in office just two months away, it appears Morrow is making an effort.

"I was concerned about not having seen any activity up until yesterday," expressed Dickey.  

On Tuesday Morrow reached out to the party's current chairman, James Dickey.

"We talked about finances, we talked about the office lease, we talked about the equipment, we talked about the staff," said Dickey. "He's definitely interested in being involved in the races that he thinks are winnable but tight," Dickey explained.

"I want to focus in on retaining Don Zimmerman for Austin City Council because he's a pro-liberty Republican," said Morrow. "I want to support Gerald Doherty in a very close County Commissioner's race, and very importantly I want to support all the judges running on the third court of appeals."

Concerns still linger that Morrow views his new role as a joke.

"My biggest concern, frankly, is that the critical parts of the job, because they're not the things that get him excited and get him interested, literally don't happen," said Dickey.

But ask Morrow, and he'll say the joke's on you.

"The reason I'm wearing the jesters hat and the jokers cap, is to say I'm not the joker, I'm not the jester, you are," he said.

Morrow officially takes office on June 13.

The GOP has designated a special transition committee to overlook the turnover.


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