Many Volkswagen owners were shocked when they heard that the car manufacturer was rigging the results of its emissions tests. In response, one couple from Boulder, CO is taking matters into their own hands.

Marcus Moench is on a cross-country tour in his 2010 Jetta SportWagen TDI. After unsuccessfully trying to return the car to his local dealership, he's now headed to the German car's North American headquarters in Virginia.

"We thought, we would achieve our objectives by returning it directly to VW and our objective is to make sure that VW knows it has an opportunity to respond and to make it very clear that it's not okay what they're doing," Moench said.

Volkswagen eventually came clean about the falsified emissions reports. The Boulder couple wants Volkswagen to pay consumers who were deceived, as well as make a payment to society for the subsequent impact on health from pollution created by the diesel engines.