Texans historically don't have a very good record when it comes to voter turn-out, and that's even worse during non-presidential election years. But the creators of an Austin-based mobile application called "The Voting App" hope to change that. Our LeAnn Wallace shows us how.

AUSTIN, Texas -- Between giving the state the green light to allocate more money for transportation, to deciding whether to raise the homestead tax exemption -- Texas voters had some decisions to make at the polls Tuesday.

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"So there are seven statewide propositions on the ballot," said ThinkVoting founder Joseph Santori. "You can dig in and see pros and cons of those propositions as well as a plain language explanation."

ThinkVoting started in Texas -- a state that could use some help when it comes to voter turnout. The organization created The Voting App as a tool "that will empower voters and candidates alike, and make it much easier for anyone to become more politically engaged." 

"We don't care how you vote, just make sure you vote from a conscionable place," said Santori.

"In Texas we have one of the lowest voter turnout rates of any state in the entire country," said Think Voting co-founder Jeff Cardenas.

Here's how the app works: When you enter in your address, you get an individualized result that shows you what's on your ballot, where polling places are near you, and it gives you a summary of each measure and even non-partisan pros and cons of each proposition.

"How can we eliminate the excuses for why people don't vote, make it easier, more engaging for them to get informed? Hopefully, that in turn encourages more people to get out and vote," said Cardenas.

If you missed out on using the app this election cycle, there are already plans to help you show up to the polls informed in 2016.

"You've got newspapers, you've got magazines, you have a variety of noise out there from political campaigns, whether it's for propositions or whether it's for candidates. We want to take that noise away, knock it down to something that's really easy to get to, that's right in your pocket, you know we're walking around with these super computers in our pocket, it should be that simple," said Santori.

The League of Women Voters have teamed up with Think Voting. They are the ones that provide the information on the propositions and candidates within the app.


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