Black Lives Matter and Police Lives Matter are holding simultaneous protests this weekend. Both are meeting at the Capitol Saturday, and say the timing was a coincidence. Our Chris Cybulski spoke to organizers and shows us what they hope comes from their respective rallies.

For the last year, the national movement Black Lives Matter has been growing.

"I don't know if a lot of people actually understand the importance of black folks coming together and having a platform to share their pain," says Anita Moore.

The local chapter of the organization expects more than a thousand people to show up to a rally at the Capitol Saturday.

"It's about healing, it's about community, and it is about coming together and understanding that black lives are in danger," Moore says.

By pure chance, the movement Police Lives Matter is also hosting a rally Saturday at the Capitol.

"My only goal in this whole march is to show a sense of support for the law enforcement community," says Robert Chody of Police Lives Matter.

More than 3,500 people have RSVP'd for the Austin event. It comes on the heels of this massive rally in Houston.

The groups have talked, and say they don't expect any confrontations.

Police will be on hand, but even Austin's police chief says neither group is out to get the other.

"They are not in conflict. Just because you believe black lives matter doesn't mean you don't support the police," says Chief Art Acevedo.

"I'm here to demonstrate to the law enforcement community that there are people out there that support you," says Chody.

"When you are addressing things like police brutality or systemic oppression, it affects me and it affects you," Moore says.

They're two groups with messages and goals that resonate with large portions of the country. This weekend, they'll come face to face.