A new project is brewing excitement in Downtown Taylor. The Texas Beer Company plans to open its microbrewery right in the heart of the city's downtown. Our Mitch Goulding explains why landing the project could be a huge windfall for the town's revitalization efforts.

Just a couple months ago, the Texas Beer Company's pilot brew house tripled its funding goal in a Kickstarter campaign, raising more than $30,000.

That campaign's success now has the owners' thinking even bigger.

They hope to not only build a microbrewery, but also distribute the local beer to bars and grocery stores across the state.

"We've generated enough confidence that we're ready to go ahead and scale up from where we're at right now, which is a Kickstarter-funded small pilot brew house to a full production brewery," said Ian Davis, with the Texas Beer Company.

"It offers an opportunity to put something in here that will attract tourism, that will be good for our downtown community," said Taylor City Manager Isaac Turner.

On Tuesday night, Taylor's city council voted to move forward with incentives for the project.

They capped the city's possible contribution at $200,000.

Once finalized, that money will be matched by Taylor's Economic Development Corporation.


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