Bassist Tommy Shannon was just 26 when he walked into a Houston bar and was floored by the young guitarist onstage.

"Stevie was playing,” Shannon said. “Just a like a beam of light went through my head. ‘That's where I belong.’''

That was in 1980 at Rockefeller's Blues Bar.

"He took a break and I went up to him and I told him, ‘I belong in this band.’ I did that two or three times and he called me,” Shannon said.

Shannon says he told Vaughan what he envisioned for the future.

"It was like a revelation,” Shannon said.

That chance meeting welcomed in a decade of music, tours, gold records and critical acclaim for Vaughan and Double Trouble. But like all successful bands, the trio paid their dues.

"I'll never forget our first record came out, ‘Texas Flood,’ and we were touring in a milk truck. No windows or anything. Had a bed behind the front seat and we had a couch. Behind that we had all of our gear,” Shannon said.

Following the 1983 release of “Texas Flood,” the band kicked off an American tour in San Francisco. Before that record, the bassist recalls the Austin-based band was lucky to see 100 people at their shows.

"We went there to play and there was a line all the way around the block,” Shannon said. “We were going, 'Who else is playing?'"

Seven years later at the peak of the band's success, Double Trouble lost Vaughan to a helicopter crash that killed the band’s frontman and four others.

"He was my very best friend,” Shannon said. "After I realized I lost him, I realized what a great musical thing I lost, too."

Vaughan and his Double Trouble bandmates Chris Layton and Shannon will be honored this weekend.

"Being inducted is such an honor,” Shannon said. “It's like a culmination of my whole life."

The recognition comes 25 years after the death of the band's leader. The 1990 helicopter crash happened just hours after a concert in Wisconsin, in which Stevie's brother, Jimmie; Eric Clapton; Buddy Guy; and Robert Cray performed.

Surviving Double Trouble bandmates Shannon and Layton are expected to attend and perform at Saturday's induction ceremony.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story incorrectly said Shannon was 70 years old. The copy and video has been edited to remove that.