Come fall, one of the most popular outdoor activities is the famous you-picks at apple orchards across the state. But one area has made it its mission to make their town synonymous with apples. For this Explore New York story, you'll learn more about the Apples from the Town of Warwick.

WARWICK, N.Y. -- Situated among the rolling hills in the Hudson Valley is the Town of Warwick.

Though scenic and beautiful, it's also known for one thing: apples.

"People know they can just come to Warwick and they're going to be able to go any direction and find an orchard," said Steve Penning, a second generation owner of Pennings Orchard in Warwick.

He said several apple orchards are spread across the area with six making up the Warwick Valley Apple Trail.

Though there are no apples on the trees now, Penning said tending to apples is a year-long effort.

"We watch it from the time it’s a dormant stick and we’re pruning the trees in the wintertime to the different seasons," said Penning.

He said during the fall, they get thousands visitors who come for their annual you-pick. It's one of the main economic drivers for Warwick and other orchards in the area.

"They have gone from a commodity item of apples to a more direct to market effort – farm stands and they've created a tremendous boom for people visiting out region," said Town of Warwick Supervisor Michael Sweeton.

He said the Town has also capitalized on the fall season by creating the annual Warwick Apple Fest that draws in more than 35,000 people.

"We have ideal growing conditions for apples, we have been growing apples for centuries in New York and we just know what we’re doing," said Sarah Dressel with the state's Apple Association. She said Warwick's close proximity to New York City has also increased this region's popularity for visitors.

But whether it's the you-pick, or the festival, the region has one thing - apples -- that's proven reliable for generations.