RALEIGH, N.C.— A growing sport is taking aim at a brand new facility set for Wake County. 

Pickleball is quickly becoming a fan-favorite at clubs and communities across the country, and a proposed multi-million dollar facility will soon house courts just for players of the game.

Right now, most pickleball players share the same court as tennis players. But at the proposed SWING multi-racket sports facility in Brier Creek, 29 pickleball courts could soon sit beside 34 tennis courts, a 10,000 square foot gynamisum, and a 30,000 square-foot fitness facility. 

But the proposed space doesn’t come cheap at a estimated price tag of $65- $70 million.

The CEO and Founder Rob Autry says Swing Racquet + Paddle will be primarily privately funded, including industry grants. The group has also applied for Wake County Interlocal Agreement funds, which come from existing hotel and prepared food & beverage taxes.

Autry believes the facility would employee around 125 people, creating a big-time economic impact by hosting tournaments, generating revenue through retail, entertainment, hotel, and food and beverage spending from outside visitors.

In addition to daily visitors and overnight guests that visit Raleigh and Wake County for large events, SWING is expected to impact the following areas:

  • Capital investments and infrastructure to construct and maintain the facility
  • Compensation and job creation with expected staff of 125 employees or more
  • Area economic impact  based on air travel, car rentals and support of area business

SWING is expected to break ground in 2020 and Autry hopes to have it open in 2022.