WAKE FOREST, N.C. — More parents are seeking behavioral help for their kids since the start of the pandemic.

Applied Behavioral Happiness helps parents overcome their kids' challenging behaviors. Owner and Behavioral Analysis Kellie Syfan says inquiries for her business have increased 220%.

"It's going to come down to the environment and the situation around us," Syfan says. "With uncertainty, comes behavioral uncertainty. So you're going to see that shake up of the world, shake up their little world."

Syfan says behavior is how kids express their stress or frustrations due to change.

"We're seeing the intensity go up," Syfan says. "We're seeing the duration go up. So, a child that maybe used to cry for maybe five minutes, now is going for 30 minutes and is biting."

She says parents can help curb these behaviors by teaching kids new ways to communicate their needs, setting a strict schedule, clearly communicating expectations, and knowing boundaries as a parent.