FORSYTH COUNTY, N.C. – A program to prepare under-served students for college has partnered with Forsyth Tech to advance its mission to end the cycle of poverty.

"College Lift" places students from low-income families into insensive, hands-on math, science, and language arts courses on campus, starting in sixth grade right up through high school.

Creator Logan Philon started the program after seeing in a 2015 Harvard Study that Winston-Salem was one of the hardest places in the nation to escape poverty if you're born into it.

"College Lift" provides counseling services, scholarships, and other resources, at no cost to parents or students.

"We really throw everything but the kitchen sink into helping that child matriculate into college," Philon says. "And then at the end of that time, they're able to go to just about any school in Winston-Salem tuition-free."

Forsyth Tech aims to help the program expand and eventually forge partnerships with other colleges and unversities in the state.