WINSTON-SALAM, N.C. - Months after IFB Solutions lost three key contracts with the Department of Veterans Affairs, two of them could be coming back to Winston-Salem.

  • IFB Solutions lost three VA contracts this year
  • Two contracts could be returning to IFB
  • Losing the contracts caused massive layoffs

"It was a devastating impact to our employees. We had 137 people working in our optical lab, and over the period of three weeks we went to 38 people working on our contracts," IFB Solutions Executive Vice President Dan Kelly said.

Monday the state House of Representatives voted to pass H.R. 4920, which would restore eligibility for contracts for nonprofits that create jobs for veterans and for people who are blind.

IFB Solutions lost the contracts earlier this year after a court decision. It impacted a population already in need of jobs.

"Fifty-four percent of the people who came to work for us last year relocated from other states where they didn't have opportunities to find employment. One-third of the people that come to work for us have never had a job before in their lives," Kelly said.

Scott Smith, an optical technician, says they're hopeful with the progress made so far but still need the community's help. People reached out to Congress already, but now the Senate must sign the resolution and send it to the president.

Information about contacting senators can be found here.