BURLINGTON, N.C. -- A Burlington woman's post of her pressure washed driveway is going viral on Facebook.

  • The pressure washer was gifted to Dianna Wood's by her husband
  • Her initial goal was to clean with it but she started making art
  • She plans to connect with Alamance Art to let children color the sidewalk art with chalk

It all started with a pressure washer, a gift Dianna Wood's husband got her for her birthday.

"I started power washing everything, the siding on the shop, the patio, the garbage cans, the vinyl fences, and then my next big project was going to be this long driveway," Wood said.

A project that turned an initial plan to clean, into art. Dianna said she started pressure washing inspirational words in her driveway, which then inspired her to start creating roses, birds, butterflies and owls. Four hours later, her driveway became a masterpiece, something she wanted to share with others. Dianna posted in on Facebook, and the post went viral, it was shared over 100,000 times.

"I think people love God's creation, like the flowers and the birds and butterflies, and it just brings us joy and when they see something this huge it actually makes us realize how beautiful God's creation is," Wood said.

Dianna said she never expected the attention she got from the post, but she is glad she's been able to bring joy into people's lives. Her neighbor, Katherine Bell, told us she absolutely loves it. 

"I think her driveway is fantastic, she has made all of us in the neighborhood real jealous, and she is going to have a hard time doing all of the driveways," Bell said.

Dianna said she plans on working with Alamance Art to have a community event where children can come out and color in her artwork with sidewalk chalk.