Eve Shaw spends three full days a week in her Dunedin kitchen, baking a taste of her homeland.

“Some people can’t go back to Thailand- so I just make for them,” said Shaw.

She makes Thai-Style cakes and sells them at the Pinellas Farmers & Flea Market.

Something her fellow Thai expatriates deeply appreciate.

“Every time that they eat my cake they say it’s so nice- it’s so nice,” Shaw said. “They feel like they eat the cake in Thailand so I’m happy, yeah.”

But one of the first takes she gets when she brings these to the Pinellas Farmers & Flea market in Clearwater?

“’It’s too beautiful to eat,’” said Shaw, smiling.

The beauty of this cake??

Because she couldn’t always find Thai dishes -especially desserts, she just decided to learn to make it all her cuisine.

“So I can find ingredients to make the real Thai cake so I think I’m happy now,” said Shaw.

She started selling at the market after she moved here last year.

So on this quest to enjoy a taste of home from far away, she’s become more closely connected to her country’s cuisine

“Thailand is the land of mine," Shaw said. "Thai people are so nice. And the food is good—especially the street food.”

Shaw will make about 80 Thai-style cakes for one of the weekend market days.

“It depends-- some days I have to come back and make more,” said Shaw.

Being in the market has put her in front of new taste buds!!

“Normally my customers are just Thai people,” said Shaw. “And in the market there’s all kind of people. American, Vietnamese, Chinese. I’m glad that they like my cake.”