TAMPA, Fla. — The Tampa Bay Lightning asked fans to drop off their lucky charms at Amalie Arena on Saturday to help the team win their playoff run.

"A piece of us is literally going with the team," said fan Olivia Beck. 'What more can you ask for?"

The Lightning expect to get 200 luck charms ranging from jerseys, keychains, hats, pucks, cups, and more. Some of those items will travel with the team, while others will be displayed on the concourse at Amalie Arena. ​

Beck brought her Lightning bolt necklace charms and earrings. The superstitious fan says the jewelry brings good luck.

"I put these simple pieces of jewelry on and not only did they win but they had an exciting overtime or shootout win," said Beck. "Hopefully, it brings them more good luck in the playoffs." ​

Beck also brought her dad's Lightning polo and said she appreciates how the team makes fans feel like they're helping the team win. 

"Being fans of the Lightning for so many years now and being season ticket holders," she said. "We just love how much the organization and the staff go above and beyond for their fans and make sure they try and more and more fan inclusive and fan immersive events."​

​The Lightning staff took photos of the fans with their charms that will be uploaded to their dedicated Call to Charms webpage. All the items will be returned after the season's conclusion.