ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – They're dancing with fire. It's an annual performance about spreading love called “The Tribal Burn Show". 

“We do this as a benefit for sacred land for education and preservation,” said show executive producer Joanna Krynytzky.

But Krynytzky says this year's performance is taking on a much deeper meeting. 

“So this year, Hip Expressions, we’re a very sensitive cultural community, and we’ve decided to not only that 50% of our profits from April, May and June are gonna go towards supporting humanitarian aid in Ukraine, but also Tribal Burn, our performance tonight is fundraiser for that.” Krynytzky is a first generation Ukrainian-American. The disturbing attacks on Ukraine, backing back to stories she was told as a child.

“So I grew up with stories about fighting off the Soviets and about fighting for their land. And to see it happening again right in front of our eyes is really terrifying.” It's terrifying for a lot of Ukrainian Americans, frightened about what they see happening to their country, but still holding onto hope that they will win. Krynytzky says in many ways, they've already won.

“I mean I always knew my family was resilient and strong and had a lot of courage, but suddenly the fact that Ukrainians are being acknowledged all over the world for those very same traits, it’s like, it’s really near and dear to my heart. So I’ve never been more proud or more terrified to be Ukrainian.”