Topics of discussion for the new DinoVenture at  The Bishop Museum of Science and Nature in Bradenton.

The Dinosaur Task Force at The Bishop is overseeing the creation of the more than 30 skeletal fossils and dinosaurs

The dinosaurs had to be brought in - in pieces (of steel tubes and foam covering) - and then reassembled with the help of monofilament (fishing) line and sailboat sail sewing needles.

“Using silicone and paint they cover all those stitches,” explained Curator Matt Woodside.

There are six motors that bring this ancient earth inhabitant to life

“So we've got one for the tail swing, for the stomach breathing, head up and down, eyes blinking, head left and right, and mouth open and close,” said Woodside.

These dinos emerged not from eggs, but from five semi-trucks, which then took two days to unload.

The big goal – for kiddos to be in awe of these bird relations on a whole different scale—and want to learn more.

You can check out these magnificent creatures at the Bishop Museum through March 18, 2022.