A Tampa teen is receiving national recognition for her work to create an online site to help fight inequality for educational resources around the world.

What You Need To Know

  • A Bay area teen is being recognized for a study guide website she created.

  • Sarah Frank is a Blake High School graduate who will attend Brown University this fall

  • She says the site will continue to operate, free for students, while she's away at college

Sarah Frank, 18, said she's always been a high achiever.

She's a recent graduate of Blake High School, a published author and she's been active in community service projects.

Frank said she found herself missing activities during the pandemic and quarantine.

"I was really missing my community service projects, so I decided to create my own," she said.

Frank created a website called Simple Studies and posted her own study guides for other students to use. Soon, the website took off on social media with other teens joining in and sharing information of their own.

"The site has tons of resources. We habe study guides, study buddies, text book trading, college information guides. We do giveaways. We have scholarships. We have all sorts of educational resources," Frank said.

Simple Studies has grown to include more than 800 volunteers from 45 different countries and 45 different states. Frank said it's a way for middle and high school students just like her to help each other.

"It's been really awesome because we're able to help every kind of student. There's a little something for everyone," she said.

Her work is being recognized with a 2021 Diller teen Tikkun Olam Award which honors young Jewish leaders.

"The way I created Simple Studies was thinking of it like a venn diagram of what I have and what the world needs, and finding that little intersection in the middle where I can make a difference. For me, it was study guides. For somebody else, it might be completely different but that intersection is where you can really create change."

Frank will be attending Brown University this fall.

She said the Simple Studies site will remain up and running. It is free for students to use.