TAMPA, Fla. — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has signed three new bills to take effect July 1 that look to bolster the state’s attractiveness for military families and those retiring from military service.

One bill will allow schools to carry a designation of "Purple Star Campus.”

What You Need To Know

  • Gov. DeSantis signs bills aimed at aiding military families and their education

  • Programs will aid school-age children and vets returning to college

  • Bill also has benefits for vets retiring from service

The State Board of Education will create criteria for the designation, requiring public schools to:

  • Train and designate a staff member as a point of contact between the school and military family.

  • Host student-led programs to encourage social connections.

  • Create a webpage on the schools website for military families.

  • Offer professional development opportunities for staff members.

At the college level, another bill signed by Gov. DeSantis makes Florida the first state to codify a federal program that connects veterans with job training, apprenticeships and internships.

Hillsborough Community College Business Professor Mary Beth Kerly said the bill will add to HCC's already established program for veterans returning to school.

"Things like giving support in terms of financial services, and dedicated counselors that help the students through their academic process and the veteran’s transition process, because it's not easy," Kerly said.  "They are faced with coming out of the military, back to civilian life and then back as a student.”

​The Governor also signed a bill targeting the 16,000 retiring service members that make Florida their home every year.

That bill waives secondary education requirement for military service retires applying for jobs with state government.