Traces of red tide have been found off the coast in Manatee County

What You Need To Know

  • Tampa Bay Watch says it is seeing micro-algae growing along Port Manatee

  • Florida DEP does not believe it's a result of Piney Point breach

  • WATCH ABOVE: Spectrum Bay News 9 reporter Gabrielle Arzola joined Friday ride-along

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection does not believe the blooms are a result of the Piney Point wastewater breach, but scientists continue to test the nearby waters.

The Tampa Bay Watch organization says it is seeing micro-algae growing along Port Manatee. 

“Too much of this algae could prevent seagrass from growing,” says Peter Clark, Tampa Bay Watch President. “Seagrass provides vital nutrients for our estuary system.” 

It’s still too early to see major effects from the contaminated water, but scientists say it will take a long time before all of the nutrients are diluted. 

“It is certainly going to take a number of months, possibly a number of years to cycle through the estuary system,” Clark says. 

Spectrum Bay News 9 will continue to update the results from Piney Point, and the red tide in Tampa Bay.