TAMPA, Fla. — Creating a babysitting empire is easier said than done, but two young women have been doing it since 2016, and their business has been thriving through the pandemic.

What You Need To Know

  • Synthia Fairman and Gabi Rosello are the founders of Doublemint Sitting

  • They’re both under 30, and their business is booming

  • They met working in foster care and now give back to the community

On most days, you can find Doublemint Sitting founders Synthia Fairman and Gabi Rosello hard at work babysitting, giving back, or spending time inside their first child care facility called Camp Doublemint inside West Shore Plaza. 

“So, Gabi and I met working at a foster home, and that is when we realized how desperate Tampa was needing a babysitting facelift,” Synthia Fairman recalled.

Fast forward a few years, and the dynamic duo under 30 now has 350 sitters in their network across the state of Florida.

When businesses struggled during the pandemic, babysitting was booming. Because of a growing need, they opened Camp Doublemint in Tampa and are working to open another in Fort. Myers.

“It’s definitely one of those things that just feels surreal. It’s really fun waking up every morning knowing you’re doing your passion, and you get to see these beautiful faces every morning,” Gabi Rosello said.

In their free time, the ladies are always helping the community.

“Community involvement is everything. Being a foster child myself, with us meeting at a foster home, we give back to the foster care community to no end. We also have a very special place in our heart for special needs children,” Fairman said.

The two best friends have come a long way. And, while plenty of people doubted them, they pushed on.

“Just do it. Do it. Gather your resources, really, really utilize your community because they’re the backbone as to what we do every single day,” Rosello said.

“It doesn’t matter how old you are when you own a business. It matters the knowledge and effort that goes into it,” Fairman said.

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