FLORIDA — Florida bars and breweries can reopen on Monday after months of being closed. Bars have been closed since March, except for a brief three week period back in June.

The State made it clear that bars must follow all of the rules to stay open. That includes limiting how many people can come in and who can be served.

Florida’s bar owners fought to reopen, many even changed the entire way they do business adding kitchens and serving food just to try to save their business during the shutdown.

As bars reopen they’ll only be allowed to operate at 50% capacity and only customers who are seated will be served. Floor markers will be used to help people socially distance themselves and they will need to wear masks.

Before you head to a bar, call ahead to make sure they are opening. As this announcement came without any warning last Thursday, many bar owners say it'll take them some time to get their staff ready and actually reopen.