LAKELAND, Fla. — A more than $100 million Amazon air cargo facility is taking shape at Lakeland Linder International Airport. It is on 47 acres of airport land.

The main building is three stories and nearly 300,000 square feet. 

“This is a gigantic game changer for this airport,” said airport director Gene Conrad. “We are super excited and ready for them to go operational in June of 2020.”

The facility will have up to 1,000 workers along with a lot of technology including robots that will help sort all the cargo. 

“Go up to the third floor, down to the first floor and then packed and out to the aircraft and trucks to go out to their destinations,” said Conrad.

The lease of the airport land where the facility is located and other other fees will bring in several million dollars of revenue to the airport each year. 

"So not only will we be able to maintain this facility and everything we are building for them now, but also to do other things for the airport," said Conrad. "Because we live right in the middle of Tampa and Orlando on the I-4 corridor and more is to come to this airport in the future."