PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. — A Bay area non-profit is partnering with a low income community to help provide training for some much needed, good paying jobs.

It's not your typical boot camp, but it's one that caught the eye of Christine Harris.

"I see this flyer and it just draws me in, because it's not just saying this is a boot camp, this is a workshop that you can do," said Christine Harris. "It was saying on the spot interviews. So I never had that opportunity before with being able to do an on the spot interview."

Harris is one of more than two dozen people taking advantage of a pilot program with AmSkills and Pinellas County at the Lealman Exchange.

It is a program that county and company leaders say is vital for the community.

"There's tons of jobs and manufacturing," said AmSkills Executive Director Tom Mudano. "Most people don't know Pinellas County has the most manufacturers in the state of Florida and there's tons of jobs out there and many opportunities for people out there, they just don’t have the skills."

For two weeks, people from all over the county learn hands-on skills, tour local manufacturing companies and at the end of the two weeks - a guaranteed job interview.

"I wanted to do something that would lead to more of a career rather than just a day job," said boot camp attendee Paul Tkacs.

Harris, Tkacs and the others could soon be employed by one of the area's big named manufacturing companies.

There are 45 entry level positions available at those participating manufacturing companies.