LAKELAND, Fla. — The Polk County Medical Examiner's Office confirmed the names of two of the victims in an apparent murder-suicide that happened in Lakeland on Christmas Eve.

The office confirmed it received the bodies of Racheal Ramsey, 30, and Christopher Pine, 27, as well as Leighton Josephs, 30. Police believe Josephs shot both of the victims and then took his own life.

Police haven't revealed their relation to each other but said both victims were known to the killer. Four children were at the home when the shooting happened but were not injured.

Neighbor Angela Wiegman called what happened devastating.

"Those four little kids that are my kids' ages, I don't know how they're going to do Christmas from now on. That's going to be in their heads from now on for the rest of their lives," Wiegman said.

Wiegman said Ramsey lived in the home and that she saw Josephs there often.

"He was putting up Christmas lights a few weeks ago and things like that," Wiegman recalled.

Investigators with Lakeland Police haven't released a possible motive for the shootings.

The disturbing news has led people in the community to step up and donate to the children.

William Dunn, founder of Take a Kid Fishing, which serves foster kids and fatherless children, said he wants to donate $500 to pay for the children to go to Disney.

"It's time to come together and show love and support and show that people out in this community really care," Dunn said.

A spokesperson with the Lakeland Police Department said the last they knew, all four children who were in the home, who are all younger than 10 years old, were with family. sites are not affiliated or managed by Spectrum News. For more information on how the site works and the rules, visit