CLEARWATER, Fla. — A construction worker was killed Tuesday morning when a backhoe operator struck the worker, according to Clearwater police. 

The accident occurred shortly before 11 a.m. on land being cleared for a townhome development, located at 1895 Virginia Avenue. 

"We believe he was struck with the bucket of the backhoe," said Rob Shaw with Clearwater Police. "He was on foot helping with the land-clearing process. There's a driver of the backhoe and that driver struck him with the bucket of the backhoe."

The worker was pronounced dead at the scene by Dunedin Fire Department paramedics. 

Clearwater Police later identified the worker as Paul Russo, 37, from New Port Richey.

"It was a very tragic accident and something that nobody wants to occur and we can't even begin to imagine how [the driver] feels," Shaw said. "But he has obviously been distressed and very moved by it." 

Spectrum Bay News 9 has crew on scene working to gather more information.