HUDSON, Fla. — A total of 36 depressions have now opened since August 13 in a Pasco County community.

Ground penetrating radar on Thursday discovered a 17-feet-wide void beneath Willow Brook Court in Hudson. The road is now closed.

Pasco County emergency management director Andy Fossa said the depressions are not threatening any homes at this time.

He said the county owns the road surface but the HOA owns the dirt and ground underneath it.

"However, because we're going to have to make the repair, we're going to go ahead and fill that void in and hopefully mitigate it," Fossa said.

Fossa added that the area at one time was a flowing river.

"They built on top of a flowing river and connected the land together to build the houses," he said. "And I have a saying that if you take from Mother Nature, Mother Nature's going to take it back eventually." 

The decision to close the road was made out of an abundance of caution, Fossa said.

"There's no pattern to it whatsoever," he said of the depressions. "It started on August 13 (with two holes), and everyday, except for one day in the last week and a half we've had a phone call about them. They're just popping open."

Resident Pat Johnson is one of the homeowners dealing with the issue.

"A couple of pipes on the side of my house were leaking and stuff, which means there's probably some kind of movement under there," she said. "But we had a repaired sinkhole when we bought the house and we knew it was there, but we didn't know about the caverns." 

Asked is she was worried about the value of the home, Johnson said, "What am I going to do, I'm 77. I don't worry too much anymore."