SARASOTA COUNTY, Fla. — While using a metal detector on a Sarasota County beach Friday afternoon, a gold wedding band hung on a chain around Mark DesErmia's neck. 

DesErmia is no stranger to finding priceless items buried in the sand. He's located more than 1,000 wedding bands, a Purple Heart ring, and a 1967 Stanley Cup ring that belonged to a hockey star. 

But there's something about this wedding band that's captured DesErmia's heart. 

"If I could reunite it with at least their family members, I'd just be so overwhelmed," he said. 

The ring is engraved with the name "Oldulia" and the date "12-25-55."

Christmas Day is not a common day to get married. DesErmia thinks this couple has a story, and he wants to hear it. He also wants the owner, or their family, to be able to have this precious heirloom forever. 

"It would make my day. It would make my month, my year," he said. 

DesErmia's passion for finding hidden treasures started 25 years ago on his favorite beach. 

"When I was 16 at the very north end of Siesta Key, I lost a gold necklace that my parents gave me for my birthday," he said. "It was heart wrenching for sure."

That pain fueled a hobby. Now, DesErmia searches almost daily for irreplaceable objects and then tries to locate their owners. 

When he discovered his latest find in early July on Longboat Key, he put out a plea on Facebook that's gathered more than 3,000 shares. 

"I want to ask all of my friends for help returning this ring. I found this while metal detecting today on Longboat key. This person had a very special wedding date. 12-25-55. There was an ad on Craigslist lost & found,ran several times for the last couple of years. May be this ring. My heartfelt gratitude for all that will help find this person," he wrote. 

If you know who this ring belongs to, you can contact DesErmia on Facebook.