LAKE ALFRED, Fla. — A deadly Polk County wreck landed a Lakeland man in custody on Sunday.

  • Austin Cabannas, 26, charged with driving with permanently revoked license
  • Ayden Cabannas, 5, died from injuries sustained in crash December 23
  • Investigation ongoing 

Austin Cabannas, 26, was arrested Sunday for driving on a permanently revoked license.  Polk County Sheriff's investigators say Cabannas was attempting to flee from police when he slammed into a pole and another car at the intersection of Shinn Boulevard and Pomelo Street in Lake Alfred December 23. 

Cole Ethridge, 23, was behind the wheel of the other car that came in contact with Cabannas.  

"We spun out and the next thing I saw was lights because the cop tried to proceed to stop him," Ethridge said. "I heard little kids screaming and the family was screaming. At first it seemed like everyone was OK and then I saw the little boy." 

That little boy was Ayden Cabannas, 5.  He was flown to St. Joseph Hospital with head trauma and later died of his injuries.  

Ethridge's 25-year old brother Tye, a passenger in Ethridge's car, suffered a concussion and was taken to a local hospital. 

Investigators said Cabannas tested postitive for methamphetamine. The investigation is ongoing and could result in additional charges for Cabannas.