When you see the US Women’s National Hockey Team skate across the ice during practice, you might say the players have the strength or super heroes.

  • Local author creating graphic novel inspired by female hockey players
  • 'Kicking Ice' through perspective of young female hockey players
  • To support the project, visit www.kickingice.com

"They are the top players ever,” said fan Stephanie Phillips.  “This is the highest level of play for women athletes."

Which is why Phillips, who is also a local author, is basing an entire graphic novel on the sport and its players.

Titled “Kicking Ice,” the book is being illustrated by a former DC Comic artist Lee Moder and takes readers on a journey through the eyes of young female hockey players who look up to the women of the National Women’s Hockey League.

“You do think of superheroes in maybe spandex and capes,” Phillips said.  “But these women are in hockey jerseys and they are heroes.”

Some of the players on the national team played for the NWHL. Bay News 9 caught up them after practice at Florida Hospital Center Ice in Wesley Chapel before they left for the Winter Olympics in South Korea Wednesday.

Flipping through some of the illustrations for the book, forward Amanda Kessel smiled at the thought of being a role model.

"I'm just learning the impact we have on little girls and how important it is,” Kessel said.

Defender Emily Pfalzer said the illustrations are like a trip back in time.

"It brings back memories for me just when I was little and all the friendships I made,” Pfalzer said.  “Hockey shaped me into who I am today."

NWHL Commissioner Dani Rylan will be penning the introduction to “Kicking Ice.” Once it’s published, Phillips said a portion of the sales will go directly to the league and its efforts to grow the game.

For more information on how you can help support the project, visit www.kickingice.com.