A Largo woman with family members suffering from disabilities is determined to help as many people in need as possible - family members or not. 

  • Robin Lally's organization highlights outings for the disabled
  • Help Us Gather
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Robin Lally's brother Rick is autistic, and when he moved from Utah to Florida a few years ago, she helped him get set up. 

"The real challenging thing was to find him friends," Lally said. "And places to go to so that he didn't feel isolated."

During that time, she spoke with other people with disabled family members who shared similar concerns. That was the spark that helped create Help Us Gather, or HUG.

"We specialize just fun events and social activities for people with disabilities of all types," she said. 

The organization lists activities and events geared to disabled people of three different age groups - children, teens and adults. 

"For children, there's parents that may feel isolated because they don't have activities where they feel safe and comfortable bringing a child that maybe has a sensory disability," Lally said. 

She added that part of her group's focus is making the information easily accessible. 

"Our website makes it very easy," Lally said. "You'll know immediately if you have to call someone, if there is a dress code, if there is a cost. All of the information is in one easy view."

And Lally is working hard to get the word out and inform families that her organization is very welcoming. 

"Our specialty is connecting people to activities and events," she said. "So if you have a disability or a loved one with a disability, if you are feeling lonely or if you're not sure where there is to do in your (area), give us a call."