TAMPA, Fla. -- Family and friends gathered in Tampa on Saturday to remember 4-year old Je’Hyrah Daniels.

The little girl died on Thursday.

Her mother, 26-year old Shakayla Denson, is accused of leaving her in the Hillsborough River.

With a prayer and dozens of candles, family, friends and strangers came together.

“This is a support chain," said Tragedy Cannon, Denson's cousin. "I appreciate what everyone is out here doing to help the family.”

As a memorial grows just steps from the Hillsborough River where the child died, they shared memories.

“We always had family functions. She would entertain herself with other kids,” Cannon said.

“We miss her smile. Her running. She loved French fries,” said Adeesha Hailey, a family friend.

Denson is in jail facing a first degree murder charge.

Hailey and other family members say they can’t figure out why she would do that.

“She wasn’t a monster,” Hailey said. “She didn’t beat her baby. Nothing like that. We just need to know what was going on. Something had to be going on to leave her baby out in the water and float away.”

A child protection investigation wrapped up just days before the drowning. Deputies found no signs that Je’hyrah was in any trouble.

That investigation is now under review by DCF.   

In addition to first-degree murder, Denson faces aggravated child abuse and grand theft auto charges.